Festival Bau Nyale, Seaworm Hunt Tradition from Lombok

Festival Bau Nyale is an annual event held in South Lombok which usually falls in February. The whole community on the island of Lombok come to follow and hunt Nyale. Domestic and foreign tourists also participated in this event. For the traveler who wants to follow Lombok Tour and Travel, the following is an explanation of Nyale:

1. The locals believe, that the Nyale are not just regular seaworms, but are considered as sacred creatures that bring prosperity to those who honor them, or misfortune to those who ignore them.

2. This belief was based on a legend of princess Mandalika.Legend has it that back in its heydays, there lived a beautiful princess named Mandalika. Stories about her beauty reached every corner of the island; so that many princes fell in love with her and were eager to wed her. Competing to win her, they created an upheaval throughout the island. Seeing this, the princess was saddened and longed for peace in the land. To end the chaos, Princess Mandalika threw herself into the sea. Her people tried to rescue her body, but found instead an abundance of sea worms, known today as Nyale.

3. Thus, Nyale are believed to be the reincarnation of Princess Mandalika. To this day the Nyale appear once a year on the beach, and are considered as the once beautiful princess who pays a visit to her people.One of the most important events for the Sasak people, the Bau Nyale ceremony is a ritual where glorious tradition meets enchanting scenery. And as villagers, government authorities and visitors flock to the beach, everyone becomes part of an eventful tradition. As a chance to experience the exotic culture with a splendid backdrop of a magical view of the island, Bau Nyale is surely a celebration worth participating.

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