Gendang Beleq, Lombok Traditional Music Instrument

If the traveler comes to Lombok and hear no music that echoed enough, it is Beleq drum (instrument of Lombok). Furthermore, we provide information for the traveler who wants to follow the Lombok or Lombok Tour Packages & Lombok Tour and Travel.

1. Gendang Beleq is a name of musical instrument, the drum length more than one meter which is carried on the shoulders of the player.

2. Beleq is sasak language meaning Besar (in English : Big).

3. Gendang Beleq dance is a war dance altho the dance itself not showing fight, because it is to show masculine character. The dance also serves as accompany the knights who will advance to the battlefield or to greet heroes who returned from war.

4. One of the unique characteristic of the dance is that the drummer was the one that doing the dance. Because of its nature, the dance is often used during the bridal ceremony or the process of circumcised and to welcome important guest.

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