Peresean, Culture from Lombok

Indonesia has thousands of cultures, one of which is the original Peresean of Lombok. It is no information for the traveler who wants to follow the Lombok Tour Packages & Lombok Lombok Tour and Travel.

1. One of the traditional Sasak Culture which still can be seen untill now is "Peresean".

2. Peresean is traditional martial art betweek two people who called pepadu which used "Penjalin" (cane) as a weapon. The weapon edge coated with asphalt and broken glass. The fighter also equipped with "Ende" shield made from cowhide or buffalo leather.

3. This traditional event has been going for generations since hundred years ago and is usually held during drought season to summon rain.

4. Peresean considered sacred by sasak people in Lombok and so the event only held at certain times such as: Indonesia Independence Day, Month of Ramadan & Birth of Lombok Island. 

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