Pink Beach Lombok

If there is a beach in Lombok are "unique", it is Pink Beach. This beach has a pink-colored sand that only one of them in Lombok. Lombok Tour Package's participants took home this sand as a souvenir from Lombok.

  1. This beach is famous for its sand-colored "Pink".
  2. Is one of two pink beach located in Indonesia.
  3. Located in East Lombok, precisely in the Southeast part of the island of Lombok.
  4. Pink color is formed by coral reefs so it looks reddish pink color when exposed to sunlight.
  5. Activities that can be done are: snorkeling & explore the beach by boat.
  6. This color is more dominant at high tides.
  7. Not far from the beach, there are Japanese cannon heritage during World War - 2 located in Tanjung Ringgit (10 minutes from the Pink Beach).
  8. There also a cave that used by Japanese during the war.
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