Souvenir of Lombok

Go to Lombok during the Lombok Tour Package, it does not complete if it is not brought souvenir of Lombok. The following is a reference of Lombok Souvenirs for  tourists who would Holidays Lombok. Check it out !

1. Dodol Seaweed

Dodol seaweed is one type of food that has distinctive charateristics. Made of seaweed flour, sugar,and fresh fruit. It taste sweet & fresh, there are many types of flavor such as jackfruit, manggo, banana, and tomatoes.

2. Madu Sumbawa

There are two types of honey, one is the brown coloured and the other one is white coloured honey. Sumbawa Honey has become a national icon and its believed to increase endurance. White honey on the other hand is believed helps to treat neurogical disease and is good for bones and digestion.

3. Pearl

Lombok pearl is very famous in Indonesia or abroad. In general, the price of sea water pearls are more expensive than the freshwater pearl because its more difficult in cultivating process and seawater pearl has higher quality compared to the freshwater pearl.

4. Sasak Woven Fabric

Sasak Woven Fabric known for long manufacturing process that takes long time because using traditional method. Finer and better motive will cost the product at higher price. Sukarara Village in Central Lombok is one of the traditional woven cloth manufacturer which involving the local society.

5. Lombok Shirt

Lombok shirt is usually bought by tourist who come to visit this place. Beside its low cost, the quality is good and can be obtained in souvenir shop.

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