Sukarara, Weaving Village in Lombok

Sukarara Village, a village producing songket weaving craft famous Lombok. The location is outside lane country road, District Jonggot, Central Lombok. The journey to this village can be reached using public transport from Bertais to Praya and down when approaching to PUYUNG. Then be followed by the services of motorcycles to Sukarara. The village is about 25 km from the city of Mataram. It is advisable, when visiting this country should use a personal vehicle or rental, considering public transportation is rare to encounter.

As it was known in advance that Sukarara songket is the largest production centers in Lombok. It has become part of the commodity to explore the overseas market. Songket is a woven fabric which is made by adding the weft with ornaments of gold-colored synthetic yarn, silver, and other colors. The decoration was inserted between the warp yarns. Sometimes ornament can be beads, shells, and coins.

Upon arrival in Sukarara, then visitors will be greeted by women dressed in traditional Sasak. They readily demonstrate their skills in weaving. Some stores are usually present the spectacle techniques of weaving songket, it can be directly viewed by the visitors. These techniques are traditional techniques simple still done by craftsmen, ranging from processing threads (using weights that playing around with the fingers, the ballast is shaped like a top made of wood), to be a piece of cloth colorful. Visitors who are interested can also participate tried to weave such as women sasak it.

Woven fabric on average done at home (home industry). Almost every house has its own loom. However, the profession weavers only acted by the women only, while the men work as farmers in the fields. There is a tradition unique to this songket, women who want to marry are obliged to provide the woven fabric of its own to the couple. If not able to make songket, the women were not allowed to marry. However, if desperate to get married as well, then the woman will be fined. Fines can be in cash or in rice yields.

Songket motifs offered is diverse, including chicken motif, flower motif eight, four flower motif, motif begambar gecko is a symbol of good luck, pakerot shaped horizontal motif, motif trudak colored violet, and much more. Each motif has its own meaning.

Sukarara village also produces weaving. Ikat very simple material that is made of cotton. Production time does not take a long time, just one day ikat weavers can complete 3 meters.

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