How To Play The A Chord On Guitar

Guitarists can create some of the most beautiful music with a few simple chords. The basic guitar chords that I use the most often are the C, G, F and A chords. These are popular chord types that most people already know how to play, therefore adding them to your arsenal of guitar chords will not be a problem. However there are other chord types that you can learn to add to your arsenal of guitar chords that may be more difficult to learn at first but will provide you with a ton of fun ways to play.

How To Play The A Chord

– Major Chords: When learning how to play the a chord, you will probably be mainly using the major chord pattern of C, D, E, G, A. These are the most commonly used chord types and are easy to learn as well. You will be able to use the major chord pattern to create your whole song in just a matter of time. If you are a beginner you may want to start off with the major chords and then go from there. If you use the minor or blues chord pattern it will give your songs a nice sound, however these are harder to learn.

– Natural Minor: This chord is found in many songs and is easier to learn than the others. If you have a good natural finger skill, this might be a great place for you to start out. This chord is made by plucking the first, second and third finger with the right hand, while making sure you don’t move the fingers too much. This chord is made by pressing the first, second and third finger down on the second, third and fourth string.

– Natural Major: This chord is found in many popular songs and is quite simple to play. The key to this chord is using the entire right hand for the entire duration of the chord. Instead of pressing down three strings with your fingers, just use the five strings. This is a strong chord that can be used at the start of a song. When you master this chord, you can go back and add some more fiddles to your fingerwork to achieve a richer sound.

– Minor seventh: This chord is found in some popular songs and is quite easy to play as well. The key to playing a minor seventh chord is by using your fingers and striking the sixth string with the right hand. You can do these by tapping the string that is across from you index finger and middle finger.

Learning how to play the a chord on the guitar is not that hard if you practice on a regular basis. It takes time and patience to get the right hand and the right rhythm. Once you master these chords, you will be able to make up your own songs and write your own music. There are a lot of great blues legends that have originated from using these chords in their songs.

Updated: July 23, 2021 — 11:30 pm