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Lombok Travel Packages

Welcome to Tour and Travel Lombok wants to give a warm welcoming to all foreign visitors to the wonderful island paradise. Lombok is located in the Northern part of the Celebes Island. The most famous places to visit in this wonderful island are the sea beaches and the scenic mountains in the South. Travellers have many different options for sightseeing tours and traveling in and around Lombok. Tourists can enjoy sightseeing at every stage of the journey. From the majestic Mount Rinjani in the North, to the spectacularly beautiful Mt Kilimanjaro in the South, to the busy, bustling metropolis of Mataram, southwest to Kuta, north to Ondoy along with its pristine white beaches and tranquil marine environment, southeast to Tangalooma and its fantastic marine environment, and west to Port Louis, its major gateway city.

As a first-time traveller to Lombok, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that most tour and travel operators in Lombok offer customized tour packages and tailor-made itineraries that fit your needs and preferences. You can get a guide who speak English and/or French, as well as one who speak your native language (if you are from a very different culture). There is a variety of tour packages available that cover travel within the region as well as guided tours to key tourist attractions and facilities in and around look. You can choose to tour the traditional villages in the region, go whale watching, take a safari, go underwater with stingrays or explore nature at night with your own private boat.

The traditional markets in Lombok that you will want to visit during your trip to Lombok are on the shores of Kuta Bay. These are open from Wednesday to Sunday and you will find a variety of stalls displaying souvenirs and gifts, fresh fruit and vegetable vendors, handicrafts, clothing, and local artwork. If you are looking for something a little more exotic, there is the opportunity to experience the night market, which sells everything from flowers, incense, jewelry and paintings to souvenirs, antiques, electronics, and locally produced cuisine. For a quick bite to eat, try the street-side vendors who sell delicious Filipino and Chinese food. The lunches and dinners offered by tour and travel organizers are usually themed to meet the interests of the various guests. There is always something for everyone in a Lombok tour!

Another popular attraction in Lombok that you will want to see during your day trip to Lombok is the beautiful Senggigi Bay. Considered to be the largest and deepest bay in South-East Asia, it is a favorite tourist destination with tourists from all over the world. The bay is known for its scenic beauty, but the most famous attraction here is the gigantic ‘Mt. Sanji’ (ascending waterfall) that provides the perfect backdrop for one of the most popular attractions in the island -Haeru beach.

If you are looking for a guided tour, the best tour operators in Lombok provide a one-day itinerary that includes a visit to the renowned Watul temple, located on a 90-meter-high island in the center of the island. A typical day in the temple will include a guided viewing of the sunset, a visit to the sacred temple area, a traditional village fair, and then a dinner at one of the many restaurants lining the port area. The traditional village fair offers many products and foodstuffs that are native to the village. Other highlights of the day include trips to watch the sun set and rise from the waterfalls and trekking up to the temple area to admire the traditional architecture of the area. Another opportunity for a guided tour is during the scheduled ‘Bayang Asli’ which highlights the local culture and tradition of the people of the region.

Other popular attractions in and around the bustling town of Lombok include the well-known Kuta tour and travel destination, the island’s Pangla and Bophut, and the small towns of Ayut and Jambool. Among the most interesting and exciting activities in these seaside villages include snorkeling, diving, and surfing. While in some areas, tourists can go horseback riding or mountain biking. If you would prefer to stay in luxury accommodation, the traditional villages of Sangga, Chaweng, and Kota have traditionally-designed villas available. A typical luxury villa in Lombok will feature spacious rooms, private pools, and living spaces with excellent amenities. It is best to contact tour operators in advance to schedule your trip.

Updated: July 16, 2021 — 10:18 pm