Tour and Travel Bali – Planning Your Next Holiday

One of the best Tour and Travel Bali adventures is a visit to the mystical Ulun Danu Bratan Temple located in Bali’s South Kuta province. Then, head to Jatiluwih where you will witness the astounding volcanic landscape. The tour ends at Lake Bogoria, where tourists can catch a glimpse of flamingos. This magical tour and travel Bali experience offer an unforgettable journey full of fun, entertainment, sightseeing and ancient ruins.

tour and travel bali

The tour starts with a visit to the Watsatani village in the North of Bali. Here you will find a Bali tour guide who will help you plan your trip and show you around. He will also help you plan your itinerary based on what you want to see and do in Bali.

Next on your tour and travel Bali adventure is a trip to the Jimbaran Valley, famous for its unique sculpture art. Enjoy a walk or ride on a Balinese horse-drawn carriage, engage in fun activities like dancing in the mud, take pictures of beautiful landscape views and shop at souvenir shops. For more excitement, plan to visit the Zunnibatu Temple and encounter a Balinese performance. You can even try a Balinese game or two before you go home and enjoy your DVD collection of your Bali travel experience.

One of the highlights of any Bali tour is visiting the Zobang Valley. It is here that you can explore the mysterious caves of Ubud, view a large number of Bali temples, take a stroll through the traditional villages and towns, and take a dip in the fascinating sulfur pools. In case you are not up to staying in Zobang, you can head to Jimbaran Beach and spend some time soaking in the warm waters. There you will be able to watch the marvelous sunsets over the horizon.

You can make your tour and travel Bali fun by planning your itinerary during the time when the weather is kind enough to hold up on your tour. Since Bali is mostly active during the dry months of January to March, it becomes an ideal place to explore the famous Mount Batur trek. Enroll in a course that will allow you to go to the mountain and come back to the town in five different ways. From the air or on foot. This unique trek gives you a chance to see both the west and east sides of Bali.

In addition to this, you should also plan your tour and travel Bali trip during the peak season. The peak season for Bali tours is June to September. This is the time when the island gets crowded with tourists looking to escape the sweltering heat from their home countries. Despite the fact that you will be competing with the tourists for the top spots, there is still no better way to enjoy Bali than in the lap of luxury in your own private tour house. For these reasons, I strongly recommend you book your tour and travel Bali accommodations as early as possible.