Traveling Tips That you need to be aware of part 1

Are you planning on going to a travel, but scared that you will make some travel mistake? Don’t worry, every experienced traveler have been there. Most people are not born to be a master of traveling, most comes with experience.

On their first time, they will also make some mistakes like missing the bus, cultural unawareness and other. But as time goes on, they will gain more experience and avoid these mistakes.

In this blog, I will help you with some tips so that you would avoid some travel mistakes. I put together this tips from my experience and also tips from another traveler. This tips will help you in saving your money and enjoying more from your travel.

  1. Bring a towel
    You need to always bring a towel when you are traveling, you will never know when you will need it, you could use it for drying even if you are on a beach, or a mountain. You could even use this towel as a small blanket if your body temperature is dropping. It won’t hurt if you bring a small towel in your travel.
  2. Pack light
    By packing light, it could help you a lot. You wont have to be burdened by your overly heavy bag, or overly large bag. It’s ok to wear the same clothes for a few days. You won’t need as much items as you think is necessary to travel, just make a list of some items that you think is necessary and filter it more.
    You can also bring a small backpack, not too small, so that you will be forced to pack lightly. Because if you bring a large backpack, you will think that there is enough room to fit more items and you will stuff more items inside it.
  3. Experience traveling alone at least once
    You will learn a lot if you travel alone, since you will need to try being independent and not depending on your travel companions. You will learn how to speak with locals, asking directions, asking advice, taking care of yourself and handle situations.
  4. Blend in
    You need to try blending in with the locals, dress just like locals and act like locals. The reason that you will need to blend in because pickpokets and thieves targets tourist, because tourist tends to bring more money than locals. You could also get a better deals if you looked like local since shops normally overcharge things for tourist.
  5. Haggle
    When you are traveling, its better If you go to a local market, because you can get cheaper stuffs in a local market if you could haggle. Haggling is a really crucial skill for traveling so that you won’t be scammed by locals, because just like what I said, locals normally charge more for tourist.
  6. Learn some basic native language
    Locals will appreciate it if you knew some basics of their language, you don’t need to learn a lot, just some basic phrases like “thank you”, “goodbye”, “hello” and some basic stuffs.
  7. Don’t dine in a tourist areas
    Try to avoid dining in a tourist areas because the closer you are on a tourist area, you will likely to pay more for a worse food. Try asking locals for a nearby delicious dining place or you could also use your Google Maps, Yelp or other apps to find a delicious dining place. And don’t dine in a place with a variety of language, it just shows that the restaurant is for tourist.
  8. Book your flight few months in advance
    Try to book your flight few months in advance, because usually booking a few months in advance could save you some money and you could also plan for your trip. Don’t stress out on trying to get the cheapest flight. You could also keep an eye on some travel packages, since travel package could also save some money.
  9. Try new food but also be aware
    Just try out some new food and don’t miss out on local cuisines and delicacies. While you are trying local cuisines, try to keep your guard up, keep a healthy level of suspicion. You could ruin your trip if you suddenly got hospitalized and have to stay on the hospital for a few days. I’ve had a friend that got food poisoning while traveling and have to spend a week on hospital.

This are some traveling tips that I could deliver for now, keep tuning in for more traveling tips in the future.

Updated: September 17, 2021 — 11:56 am

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