Traveling Tips That you need to be aware of part 2

Hey guys, I’m back. Before, I’ve listed 9 traveling tips that you need to be aware of. Today, I’m going to add some more important traveling tips.

Just like the traveling tips that I’ve listed before, this tips is also gained from my experience in traveling and some are also from other traveling expert and companions.

Without further ado, let’s start with the list

  1. Take an extra bank card
    Anything could happen when you are traveling, and you won’t know when it will happen. It’s always a good idea to bring a backup bank card with you when traveling in case if you lost it or you get robbed. It really sucked when you are stuck somewhere without any extra cash.
    Make sure your bank card is a no-fee bank card, you don’t want to decrease your traveling money just because you want to do a foreign transaction or using an ATM. Even if this fee doesn’t look that much when you do a transaction, but if you add it up, it will be quite a sum.
  2. Don’t be afraid to get lost in a city.
    Wandering without knowing the road is one way to get to know a city, it’s okay to wander aimlessly and away from the tourist.
    While it is okay to wander aimlessly, but try to be caution at all times and try not to go to some sketchy backalley. You really don’t want to get lost and end up to a wrong neighborhood. Try to ask locals or tourist and utilize maps and Google Maps.
  3. Visit the local tourism office
    Visiting the local tourism office is a really nice idea. Well, they exist for a reason. They know about everything that happening on the town.
    Local tourism office can help you navigate to free activities and special events. They sometimes even offer discounts on attractions and transportation.
  4. Carry a lock.
    Locks really comes in handy, you never know when you will need to lock your stuffs, especially when you stay in dorms. Any locks is fine but try to bring a combination lock since normal locks need keys to open.
  5. Don’t fly directly to your destination
    Sometimes, it is cheaper when you book a flight that transits to a near airport first instead of going direct to your destination. Even though transit will take a longer time to arrive, you can at least enjoy the city where your flight transit is.
  6. Visit historical sites in luchtime.
    You will get a fewer crowds when you visit historical sites in lunchtime, because big tour groups and most travelers went to lunch. Try to visit this attraction earlier, later or in lunchtime or dinnertime.
  7. Eat street food.
    Don’t miss out on their street food, because not only you could enjoy food in a cheaper price, you could also enjoy a delicious cultural food.
    If you are scared and nervous on trying this street food, search for places where childrens are eating.
  8. Respect others
    When traveling, you need to be respectful of others. Locals are willing to help you, just try to keep your cool and be patient when talking with the locals, since there could be a language barrier.
Updated: September 19, 2021 — 3:45 pm

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